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Professional Summary

☕️Coffee-fueled Marketing Strategist based in Cluj Napoca. Helping tech products, SaaS companies, and startups grow to the next level through data-driven actions & optimization. There is no one-size-fits-all, hence I do not believe in off-the-shelf marketing tactics and strategies; no matter what a person or a business is trying to accomplish, I always aim to find ways to help and solve problems through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Most teams that I help are in the SaaS are across multiple industries such as fintech, health tech, marketing, HR, and/or development tools. The focus is always to identify new distribution channels, and strategic approaches in order to increase MRR and grow the company with healthy and steady KPIs in the long run.

Skills (or deficiencies): strategic, straightforward, efficient, critical thinker, curious, a challenger, sometimes stubborn, constant learner.


 Data-driven approach  Customer-centric  OKRs  Mission-driven  

Marketing Strategy    Long Term Strategic Planning    Startups  

Product Marketing    Positioning    Competitive Intelligence   


No matter how we name the interest, I am always interested in any result-oriented solutions through a technology-agnostic approach.

My interests revolve around everything that is tech-related and serves a good purpose. No matter if we are talking about a SaaS, mobile app, web3, NFTs, crypto, blockchain, or any other tech vertical you have in mind, as long as there is a good purpose in mind.

Hobbies: travel, contemporary art, poetry, writing.

Working with tech products that positively impact people's lives.
No fairy tales here. 

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