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There are multiple accolades I am proud of - and, fortunately,  I can publicly brag about some of them.

Here are a few interviews, podcasts, and a few events to which I was invited as a mentor or speaker.


small accolades

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Google Women TechMakers

“Dare to be a Connector - Advancing Your Career in Tech Through Networking." This event is dedicated to empowering women in tech and helping them achieve success in their careers through effective networking strategies.

speaker & panel guest

corina stirbu_speaker_peakIT .jpeg

PeakIT. Data-Driven Decisions and Product Marketing

Presentation: What on Earth is Product Marketing? Data-driven decisions: a quick framework, tools & mindset. The 4 golden metrics for product marketers.

Panel Discussion: startup growth 


IT Days.
Transforming features into conversion & engagement tactics

what it takes to be data-driven when building and launching new features: a quick intro to everything you need to know on how to tackle your startup's features backlog - from product marketing prioritization to the tools, metrics, and frameworks you need!

Corina Stirbu_speaker_ITdays.jpeg

podcast guest

Anyline, Anytime.
Making the Perfect Mobile Solution

Mobile applications are everywhere and can do nearly anything that we need, want, or could dream of. But the difference between an app you use all the time and the ones you forget about can be crucial to your success.


So what makes an app more likely to succeed?
Check this episode on Spotify or Youtube

corina stirbu-marketing-strategy-perfect-mobile-solution-podcast.png
corina stirbu_data-driven-marketing_edited_edited_edited.jpg


CMO Alliance 

Invited in the Data-Driven CMO panel

Featured in an interview  - CMO Insights: Being a data-driven CMO with Corina Stirbu


Launch by How To Web

A project that helps startup founders to grow through digital products, expertise, mentors, and top resources.

Amongst the mentors, there are people from Google, BCR, Adobe, Microsoft, UiPath, Bolt, Mastercard, TypingDNA, etc.

launch_startup founders project_mentor.png

mentor. speaker. jury

Innovation Labs

A startup program offering fine-tuned mentorship, access to bleeding-edge technologies, and interaction with top companies, mentors, and angel investors.


Trainer to help #defineSchool create the next generation of tech entrepreneurs for Romania!


A 5 days program dedicated to students and young professionals (20 - 26  yo) interested in launching a startup. 

innovation labs .jpeg

define school

corina stirbu-marketing strategy for startups.jpeg

mentor. speaker. 

Techstars Startup Weekend

I've been invited to multiple Startup Weekend events, as a mentor, speaker, and/or trainer.


Online Geniuses

Moderate and engage over 35,000 industry experts from across the globe, including VPs, CMOs, freelancers, consultants, and agency owners from every niche in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Create a respectful and collaborative environment for the Largest Slack Community for Marketers.

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