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This is me

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Working with tech companies that positively impact people's lives.
No fairy tales here. 

Coffee-fueled Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO based in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania (yes, the real one). I help tech products, SaaS companies, and startups grow to the next level through data-driven tactics and on-point services.

Research Framework  Competitive Intelligence Personas OKRs Positioning Go-to-market Marketing Strategy Product Marketing Optimization Innovation.

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I advise startups & tech companies in {everything} growth-related

As Fractional CMO I can help build & optimize your marketing strategy, user journey and acquisition, and company growth.


Even though my role is temporary, it is either as an Executive Addition to Management Team or as Advisor. 

What can I (actually) do for you as a Fractional CMO?

Pretty much everything a CMO has to do, but for a fixed amount of time in a given month - sometimes it can be just for a couple of hours a week for quick advice or workshops.

 Interim Executive  Executive Addition to Management Team Advisory CMO  Marketing Audits  Strategic Workshops   CEO Support CMO Dashboard & KPIs  Marketing Strategy 

Let's Work Together!
Reach out to inquire about working with me directly for consulting, mentoring, speaking, or delivering a custom workshop for you!

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Clients &

I started as a Startup-er, so I was in your shoes (big-time), and I've also worked with Startup Accelerators. Techstars Alumni and multiple tech companies from across the world. Some of them are covered by lengthy NDAs, and some of them are not. 

Nevertheless, here are some projects and partnerships I've worked with 👇 

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Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers,  Founder and CEO OpenOrigins | University of Cambridge

Corina worked with us in the very early days of our startup before we had given much thought to our marketing strategy. In a brief period of time, she managed to help us draft a marketing strategy, understand our KPIs and hire our Marketing Lead.
Even after we took our marketing efforts in-house, she continued to help us by pointing out interesting resources, giving advice and by just being a great sounding board. It's been a pleasure working with her.
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